I swear I’m sane

my doodled sweater ;) i have some more random scribbles elsewhere on my wearable canvasĀ 

Twitter, anyone?

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i wish i can just reach out and meet all of the people i follow on tumblr… please come to japan:3 ? we have kawaii shit.

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i have tons of these necklaces from nepal but i have no idea what they stand for… can someone be kind enough to tell me what it means? im really interested in finding out kthanks bai

so yeah im the one on the left with the cap on,and the one on my right side is the band’s bassist&one of my closest friends. okeh thats it

im zee one on zee left. we went to okinawa and it was fucking brill.gah i miss it already

bored yet again. another stupidass doodle.

somebody talk to me…exams are killing me alive :( & in a bad mood.cheermeupplease.

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Got this babin’ Edward Gorey( love him) poster for….95 yen!!!! Which is equivalent to 95 cents.how fucking amazing is that?

*~*~:l00k whut i gotz f03 myy birfday gurlfr4n:~~*~! <- my attempt at sounding like one of those tweenage kids on the internet.