Concerns about “KONY 2012”

Do some background research before you go ahead and blindingly jump on the bandwagon. And yes, I am talking about Invisible Children’s Stop Kony / Make Kony Famous 2012 “movement” . You JUST cannot feed on what the media gives you. Being skeptical about issues like this is NOT a bad thing. Yes, LRA and Joseph Kony should be stopped,but accomplishing this within a year is somewhat unrealistic. Think about it:he has been doing hideous crimes for a little over than two decades.Two DECADES.Do you REALLY think the Ugandan government is oblivious enough to ignore such a fact? No.They have been trying to stop him repeatedly.But so far,it hasn’t succeeded.So how can we expect to arrest him in 2012? Even if we did,that wouldn’t entirely wipe out the LRA. People gain a false sense of satisfaction by “participating”. They suggest that WE can stop him,WE can do it.Notice how the organization emphasizes how we people can solve this problem? Did they ever mention Uganda’s efforts to stop him? No.

I’m just tired of seeing people suddenly becoming a humanitarian after one video.  This reminds me of how powerful the media can be. Since the finished product is so polished and so well-made, viewers will buy the idea and go on to believe it. I know everybody supporting this cause has good intentions. We all want to stop merciless killers. But we must also keep in mind,that not EVERYTHING shown by the media is completely true.

sowwy,just had to say that. rantover

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